Expatriate Taxation

What is an expatriate?

An expatriate is an individual who lives and works outside of their native country. One way to qualify as an expatriate in the United States is whether have worked at least 330 days of a given tax year in a foreign country. Many citizens become expatriates because they receive incentives from their originating country and the host country in which the work. These incentives can include higher compensation, lower tax rates, excluded income various tax free fringe benefits, foreign tax credits and many others. 

How complex is expatriate tax preparation?

The United States has tax treaties with over 60 countries that can impact important financial issues like income taxation, pensions, social security, trust and estate planning and more. PIASCIK specializes in expatriate tax preparation and planning. Here are a few of the benefits our expatriate tax services provide: 

  • 75 years of combined international tax experience
  • Economical alternative to expensive international accounting firms
  • Firsthand experience with OVDI programs
  • Availability 24 hours a day and seven days a week
  • Clients in over 49 countries
  • Flat fees

Simple mistakes in expatriate tax preparation can be easily avoided with professional representation. Don't rely on outdated information. PIASCIK has clients in 49 countries and on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Our highly trained and educated international tax professionals know every aspect of expatriate tax planning from covering foreign earned income exclusions, foreign tax credits, FBAR compliance, tax treaties and many more tax issues. We can help you navigate the difficult layers of tax treaties and their impact on your expatriate tax returns. Our expatriate tax services are always precise and thoroughly investigated to help you benefit the most from your expatriate status. 

Here are a few example services that you may need as an expatriate:

  • Foreign tax credits
  • Residential alien taxes
  • Totalization agreements
  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting
  • Trust estate planning 
  • Retirement income planning

Expert consultation with flat fees

Don't become just another number in a large international accounting firm. PIASICK offers an economical alternative to large, expensive tax accountants with flat rates and no hidden surcharges.  Contact PIASCIK today and discover why so many of our clients prefer to do all of their expatriate tax preparations with us. The initial consultation is absolutely FREE without any obligations from you. We are a very focused boutique tax firm that knows how an expatriate tax status can greatly improve your standard of living.