Totalization Agreement

What is a social security totalization agreement?

Social Security Totalization Agreements protect international companies, expatriates, and other multinational organizations from double taxation and still allow for the accumulation of work credit in either country. These credits can then be added together when applying for benefits. The United States currently has totalization agreements with 24 nations. Each agreement is in accordance with specific rules for qualifying, applying, and receiving retirement benefits.  

Foreign Countries with U.S. Totalization agreements






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South Korea




United Kingdom

While most totalization agreements have similar wording and implementation, each agreement must be individually addressed to achieve maximum benefits. As an example; for a U.S. citizen, two months of work in Australia doesn't produce work credits in the U.S. if work is done in the U.S. for the other month during that quarter. Expatriate taxation, foreign tax credits, export tax incentives, and even foreign insurance all become important modifiers to taxable income requirements. These same benefits can also come in the form of earned credits in either the originating or hosting country. 

Other items that can be affected by totalization agreements include:

  • Trust estate planning
  • Medicare planning
  • Foreign tax credits
  • Work credits
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Tax liabilities
  • Filing procedures

Expatriates and multinational companies can both benefit from understanding how totalization agreements are applied. Contact PIASCIK international tax professionals today and we can help ensure you are getting the maximum benefits.

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