Expat Taxation

What is expat taxation?

In the simplest terms, expatriates are individuals who have chosen to work outside of their native country. Expat taxation is regulated with additional IRS regulations covering topics such as foreign source income, foreign taxes, foreign insurance policies, reports of foreign bank and financial accounts, foreign assets, international tax treaties, bonafide residence tests and more. The US has regulations providing guidelines to prevent double taxation while expats meet their US and foreign tax obligations. PIASCIK international tax professionals are experts on the code and regulations governing expat taxation and we advise expat clients on how to prepare and plan their global taxes efficiently and effectively.

Expat taxation goes beyond simple expat income taxes and expat compensations. Many expatriates utilize foreign insurance policies, foreign trust, foreign corporations, file jointly with a non resident alien spouse from another country, or even need estate planning services to reduce their tax obligations for their future beneficiaries. 

Here are a few examples where PIASCIK expat tax services may be needed:

  • Foreign work assignment
  • Live and/or work outside the US
  • Recently returned from foreign assignment within past 10 years
  • Advice on your expat employment agreement
  • Assistance on Equalization Calculations
  • FBAR filings
  • Advice on totalization agreements
  • Retirement income planning

Finding the right accounting company can make all the difference in the world. PIASCIK consultants specialize in all venues related to expat tax preparations. 


PIASCIK is the largest international tax practice south of the District of Columbia and north of Charlotte, North Carolina. With clients in over 49 countries, PIASCIK already has a proven track record backed with over 75 years of combined international tax experience. No other tax firm has the combined experience, dedication, flat fee model and personal focus PIASCIK is committed to providing.

Here are a few additional highlights about PIASCIK international tax professionals:

  • Flat fees
  • 24 hour / 7 days a week availability
  • Partner in all of Virginia's inbound/outbound international programs
  • President of the Virginia International Business Council
  • Treasurer of the Society of International Business Fellow
  • Clients in over49 countries, experienced in many more
  • Six continents 

Larger international accounting firms often treat their clients like they are just another number personal service is lost in the goal of seeking higher profits. PIASCIK understands your expat tax issues aren’t just another case. Our highly educated international tax professionals strive to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Contact our expert international tax professionals today and discover why PIASCIK is a recognized industry leader.