Fox Business | February, 2020

Tax season just became a lot less stressful for a lot of gamers.

In-game currencies that can’t be turned into real-world money do not count as reportable virtual currency for tax purposes, the Internal Revenue Service clarified this week.

Families paying the steep costs of higher education may be looking for any break they can get. Enter the American opportunity tax credit. This tax credit, which is designated for taxpayers who pay qualified tuition and related expenses, can reduce taxable income and even create a tax refund.

Yahoo Finance | November, 2019

Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have unveiled ambitious plans to fund universal health care and other programs by hiking taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

A pair of lawyers, after success in rejiggering “jock taxes” charged to athletes in Tennessee and Ohio, are eyeing Pittsburgh as their next arena.

Jock taxes are the various state income taxes levied on professional athletes for games they play outside their home state.