Transfer Pricing Services

Transfer pricing services

As the global community adapts and changes in increasingly dynamic routes, the laws and codes governing the process by which international companies do business has become more regulated over time.  Transfer pricing has become the focus for many of these changes, and the application of the costs and demands associated with transfer pricing can have a tremendous impact on the tax obligations for you and your company.

PIASCIK offers world-class transfer pricing services through transfer pricing studies, recommendations and implementation. Our highly trained consultants have over 70 years of combined international tax law experience with clients represented in over 49 countries. No other boutique tax firm is as focused to ensuing you get the most of your transfer pricing agreements. 

Services include

  • Reviewing existing documentation
  • Reviewing transfer pricing practices
  • Intercompany agreements and transactions
  • Tax reductions
  • Controversy tax documentation
  • Ensure compliance with current tax legislation
  • Transfer pricing planning and implementation
  • Transfer pricing accounting
  • Annual transfer pricing reports

Why transfer pricing services are important

International companies operate in varying tax brackets and the transactions between these companies can provide the opportunity for streamlining the process to reach the maximum allowable tax relief as possible. The method used to determine the appropriate intercompany transfer pricing, as well as standard multinational transfer pricing practices, is called arms length pricing. In essence, when a transfer pricing study is performed, other comparable, unrelated companies are used to assess the costs associated with the appropriate transfer pricing. Global transfer pricing is expected to fall within comparable ranges among comparable companies. 

Transfer pricing examples

  • Tangible sales of property, goods and merchandise
  • Intangible sales such as trademarks and technology
  • Service performance, including management and R & D
  • Loans and guarantees
  • Leased property and equipment

Transfer pricing documentation plays a vital role in tax preparation and planning. Annual reports are expected and tax controversies are not uncommon. PIASCIK understands how international transfer pricing can impact IC-DISC and their shareholders. 

Expert tax advice beyond transfer pricing services

PIASCIK has been working with international companies on every continent. Our trained consultants are experienced with transfer pricing disputes, documentation, and accounting with specialization in U.S. transfer pricing practices as well as other international tax law variables. PIASCIK also provides services for expatriate taxation, FBAR filings, and trust estate planning. Our experienced staff knows the best way to maximize your transfer pricing. Contact PIASCIK today and see why industry peers recognize us as experts in international tax law.