Transfer Price CPA

Transfer pricing regulations

Transfer pricing refers to intercompany transactions in relation to the cost of the goods and services provided by the company – often within differing tax brackets between the divisions or sections of the company. The transfer pricing methodologies used must conform to the guidelines provided by the appropriate tax regulations, or unnecessary fines and additional taxes may be incurred.

Internationally operated companies are already familiar with the need of transfer pricing studies,  cost-sharing agreements, and intercompany transactions. Each can have a direct impact on the tax liabilities and profitability of the company. Transfer pricing firms specialize in implementing the best method rule for determining when and how much should be charged for each transaction. Here are a few reasons a transfer price CPA may be in the best interest of your company:

  • Expert tax advice 
  • Regulation changes
  • Foreign transfer pricing policies
  • Maximizing tax advantages
  • Allocation of income and deductions
  • Representation

Expert tax advice

Understanding the nuances of Internal Revenue Codes and  how they are applied are some of the most influential reasons to use the professional advice of a transfer pricing company. PIASCIK expert tax consultants know every tax regulation that influences transfer pricing guidelines.

Regulation changes

Just like with most tax regulations, there are periodic updates that change how regulations should be applied. Our professional consultants keep abreast of current regulations and are always ready when the time arrives for the new regulations.

Foreign transfer pricing policies

There are over 60 countries that now implement their own transfer pricing policies. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) provides transfer pricing guidelines many other countries have in place. There are also additional countries that have standards separate from the IRS and OECD. Transfer pricing firms will know how to navigate those regulations.

Maximizing tax advantages 

Operating within different tax brackets can provide the opportunity for reducing liabilities and ultimately increasing profitability for you and your company. A CPA can use transfer pricing strategies to help maximize your tax advantages.

Allocation of income and deductions

Did you know that the IRS can implement their own allocation of income and deductions? Transfer pricing firms can produce transfer pricing studies with arm's length pricing that can reduce your chances of being audited.


In the cases where the IRS feels there are discrepancies in filing a company's tax returns, having formal representation can ease the stress and worry that is inherent in the process. PIASCIK expert tax professionals can be at your side every step of the way.

Expert CPA transfer pricing methodologies that save money

PIASCIK tax experts have over 70 years of combined international tax experience with clients represented in over 49 countries. Our expertise covers everything from simple expatriate taxation to the complexities of implementing the best method rules detailed by the IRS and OECD. Our prestigious members are also recognized by industry peers as leaders in the international tax community, including our Executive Vice President who is also the president of the Virginia International Business Council and a NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor.

Of course, the bottom line is the cost involved in having the right representation while still getting premium services. PIASCIK offer flat rates and fixed fees engagements as an economical alternative to expensive transfer pricing companies that often have hidden surcharges. We are so confident you will satisfied with our services, PIASCIK offers the initial consultation for FREE with no obligations required from you. Contact PIASCIK today and discover how transfer pricing services can help your company thrive in the global community.