Expat CPA

Why do I need an Expat CPA?

International tax law can often be complex and confusing. Each country has its own views on tax obligations, ranging from export tax incentives to regulations governing transfer pricing policies. Along with keeping abreast of changing policies, a strong expat CPA can be your best way to save money on everything from excluding certain types of foreign income to getting the most out of your foreign tax credits. PIASCIK is a leader in providing world-class international tax and accounting services with representation provided in 49 countries. Our highly educated international tax professionals have over 75 years of combined international tax experience including program partnership with every inbound and outbound international program for the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Here are a few examples when an expat CPA might be needed:

  • Knowledge of current international tax laws
  • Transfer pricing studies
  • Expatriate taxation
  • FBAR filings
  • Foreign trust and estate planning
  • Joint tax returns for non resident alien spouses
  • IC-DISC 
  • IRS Audits

Just like it makes sense to hire a mechanic to work on your vehicle, an international tax professional is the best way to navigate international tax laws. PIASCIK can ensure you are getting the most out of viable tax brackets while still providing you with a focused boutique tax firm as an economical alternative to large expensive global tax firms. Many expatriates miss out on available incentives that easily outweigh the flat-rate cost of our services. 

Proven Leadership

Proven leadership is always a quality you can rely upon. It requires experience, knowledge, and commitment. PIASCIK goes beyond the scope of just providing an international tax professional. Our international tax professionals also participate with current international programs and have been recognized by industry peers as being an authority on many international tax matters. Our Executive Vice President is the current President of the Virginia International Business Council and the Treasurer for the Society of International Business Fellows. PIASCIK has even been a program partner in all of Virginia's inbound and outbound international programs for the last eight years. 

PIASCIK also understands you don't have time to adjust your busy schedule, and you need an expat CPA that is available when YOU need them to be available. That's why our committed staff is assessable 24 hours a day and seven days a week. PIASCIK is always ready to answer your questions. Shouldn't every international tax professional be ready to do the same? Contact PIASCIK today and learn why our international tax professionals are considered industry leaders.