Economic Cost Studies

The importance of economic cost studies

Economic cost analysis examines the value of international projects and companies, including IC-DISC, in terms of economic consulting services associated with assets, revenues, and debt. They can provide vital information before, during and after projects are considered and implemented. The data economic consulting firms formulate can help decide the best coarse of action and are often used in conjunction with transfer pricing studies to paint a complete picture of available options. 

Additionally, economic impact studies can also help expatriates decide their best course of action for maximizing their standard of living. Understanding the importance of foreign insurance and the allocation of income and deductions can have a direct affect on expectations while working abroad. 

Individual countries and the regulations by which they abide can create opportunities for export tax incentives, foreign tax credits, and other financial advantages. Every economic cost analysis is unique with detailed information that is specific to the circumstances being investigated.

Example areas investigated

  • Cost of goods
  • Export tax incentives
  • Revenues
  • Debt accrual 
  • Pertinent tax regulations
  • Foreign insurance
  • Qualified export assets
  • Cost-sharing agreements
  • Totalization agreements
  • Trust estate planning


An economic cost benefit analysis is designed to provide real solutions in a dynamic global community.  While it is based on the equivalent money value of the project, there are certain principles that PIASCIK maintains as an economic consulting firm.

  • Some common principles
  • Common measurements
  • Benefits are measured with market choices
  • Analysis includes with and without scenarios
  • Specific study area
  • Data with decision criteria

PIASCIK's economic cost analysis is specifically designed to maximize your opportunities with international business practices. Our economic consultants are focused on results with clear communication throughout the process. 

Expert financial consulting services

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